GROUP SAPTE S.A. lists in the Alternative Trading System of BSE 20,000 corporate bonds worth RON 2,000,000

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The company GRUP ŞAPTE SA, an agency with 20 years of experience in brand activation in Romania, will list on 18.01.2019 in the Alternative Trading System administered by the Bucharest Stock Exchange (AeRO) 20,000 of corporate bonds, guaranteed, totaling RON 2,000,000 , with a value of 100 lei. The bonds were issued by GRUP ȘAPTE S.A. in August 2018 and have an interest rate of 10% per annum, payable half-yearly, with a maturity of 3 years, respectively in August 2021.

Listing of bonds is an important step for us because our business is at a stage full of opportunities, with prospects for development and refining. We have ideas to capitalize on the motivation we need to build on the long term, and the opportunity represented by AeRO is the alternative we need to grow healthier. We invest in the company’s digital infrastructure, monitoring and reporting systems that will serve better in the projects we manage for our clients, but we also invest in training out team“, said Corina Chiorean, General Manager, GRUP SAPTE S.A.

The offer made by GRUP ȘAPTE S.A. with the support of SAI Certinvest S.A. aimed to attract the necessary funds for strategic development projects and to optimize its current funding structure.

GROUP ȘAPTE S.A. registered business of RON 43 million in 2018, up by 18% compared to 2017. For 2019, GRUP ȘAPTE S.A. estimated to RON 45 million.

The main investments of GRUP ŞAPTE S.A. aims at developing and upgrading the operational infrastructure that digitizes the work environment and enables collaborative activities, real-time and simultaneous reporting across all of the company’s projects. This investment in the operational system is carried out in partnership with a specialist retail and field marketing developer in Denmark. Also, GRUP ȘAPTE S.A. invests in implementing a complex logistics system (Warehouse Management System) that allows it to manage the materials and merchandise allocated to the campaigns it coordinates with its own team across the country. At the same time, GRUP ȘAPTE S.A. continues to invest in the development and training of its team, which manages increasingly complex projects and needs to be permanently highly trained and in line with the requirements of marketing and sales.

The intermediation procedure for the listing of the bonds was carried out by SSIF Ieba Trust SRL. On 28 November the Board of the Financial Supervisory Authority approved the issuance of the Certificate of Registration of the bonds issued by GRUP ȘAPTE S.A. in order to admit the corporate bonds trading on the Alternative Trading System administered by BVB – AeRO, a market segment dedicated to companies that want to finance their projects, to increase their visibility, thus leading to the development of the business environment.

GRUP ȘAPTE S.A. is a company focused on direct interaction with consumers and buyers. Throughout its 20 years of existence and over 200 million interactions with buyers, GRUP ȘAPTE S.A. has learned the consumption habits in Romania in all purchasing environments so that today can advise a brand on where its presence is sought after by buyers, what are the brand’s customer experiences, optimum consumption times, factors of influence in purchasing decisions. GRUP ȘAPTE S.A. implements such projects across the spectrum of the retail market in Romania and in any area where a brand wishes to communicate with its buyers online or offline.

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