Guangdong Province opens tourist representation office in Bucharest. New development perspectives, on the way

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Romanian tourism, like other sectors, needs Chinese investment for infrastructure development, for the improvement and development of ski slopes and many other such ideas, Aurelian Gogulescu, Vice president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR), said on Monday at the Romania– China Business Forum.

On this occasion, high officials and businessmen from Guangdong Province attending the Economic, Trade and Tourism Cooperation Conference, announced the official opening of a tourist representation office in Bucharest, as of on October 17, 2016.

Gogulescu, who is also President of Prahova CCI, added that it would be extremely welcome to encourage the development of partnerships and twinning between towns in Romania and China, which could be a foundation and a solid basis for economic development in general.

“We have had visits from the Republic of China lately, but I’m sure I’m not exaggerating by saying that this is by far not only the largest but also the most powerful and representative delegation of tourism. I think it is a very convincing signal from our Chinese partners on their willingness to develop cooperation with Romanian businessmen in tourism and for their interest in cooperation with Romania in general,” CCIR official stated.

According to him, Romanian-Chinese business development in tourism can contribute significantly to increasing bilateral trade, and reduce trade deficit, currently estimated at EUR 2.3 billion (at the expense of Romania).

Moreover, CCIR had a collaboration with the representatives of Guangdong province ever since 2007.

“We are setting up today a tourist representation office in Bucharest, as part of an active development program of mutual tourism. Romania is a desired destination for Guangdong people. Last year, 6,100 Romanians visited Guangdong, while 1,500 inhabitants from the Chinese province came to Romania. Chinese investors from Guangdong need a continuous improvement of cooperation as the investments protection is. China has increased its confidence in Romania,” Zhao Yufang, Senior Adviser of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province said.

In her turn, Anca Netea Paul, President of the National Tourism Authority (ANT) spoke about the efforts made nationally to increase the quality and value of tourism business, adding that this year Romania managed an average increase of foreign tourists circulation by more than 18 percent.

With a huge potential for tourism estimated at USD 165 billion in 2014, China was included as a “target market” in the new marketing strategy of ANT, which “organizes the procedure for reopening the tourism office in Beijing” and unlock visas for the tour operators, Anca Netea Paul pointed out.

Not the least, H.E. Mr. Xu Feihong, Ambassador of China P.R. in Romania reiterated the proposal made by the Chinese side to build “an economic belt to the Silk Road”, an approach that involves joint consultation and will result in streamlining trade.

Guangdong Province offers access to a market of over 100 million inhabitants and ranks first in China in terms of the region’s GDP, representing 11 percent of country’s GDP.

China listed in 6th place among our trading partners and the trade between Romania and China amounted at the end of 2015, to EUR 3.4 billion. Nearly 12,000 firms with Chinese capital operating in Romania invested EUR 314 million, ranking 19th among foreign investors.


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