Heinzmann, revoked as member of Tarom Board of Directors

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The General Meeting of Tarom Shareholders decided on May 6, unanimously, the revocation of Christian Heinzmann and Tiberiu Ţiclea as members, a press release of the airline operator informs on Tuesday.

The decision came after the information received from Tarom’s Board of Directors, based on the facts related to the failure of the legal requirements, of some measures stipulated in the mandate contract or the management plan of the company.

However, Christian Heinzmann – who held the position of Tarom CEO since 2012 and was removed from office in March, following a decision of the board – has sued the company.

On March 22 the Tarom interim management was taken over by Gabriel Stoe, Tarom’s CFO during the past year (paid EUR 5,400 per month), since 2013 adviser to the Director General (Sorinel Ciobanu) with the Bucharest Airports National Company.

Although he was dismissed as CEO, Christian Heinzmann, was still a member of the board, taking part to the meetings. He wanted to be paid EUR 60,000 stipulated in a clause of the contract related to the revocation before the end of his mandate.

In 2015, Tarom had a turnover of about EUR 313 million and registered EUR 9.3 million losses (2.9 times lower than in 2014 and 3.1 times lower than in 2013).


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