Hertz to invest EUR 12 M in 1,000 new vehicles this year

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The leader of the Romanian rent-a-car market, Hertz is looking to further grow its long-term rental business (operational leasing) by investing in 1,000 new cars this year alone.

The company aims at generating synergies from the rent-a-car and operational leasing businesses, expecting a 25% growth for 2016, while the category forecast growth is by 13 %.

The company’s operational leasing business, Hertz Lease, currently has a fleet of 1,600 cars and looks to reach 2,000 units by the end of 2016, as the operational leasing sector is expected to grow in Romania by 13% thanks to positive micro and macro-economic developments.

“The Hertz business model gives us the opportunity to make sure that our clients’ mobility needs are always covered. By generating synergies with our rent-a-car service we can offer our operational leasing clients instant mobility, even in the period before the ordered fleet is delivered or when supplementary cars are needed for special projects”, stated George Asimakis, Hertz Romania Country Manager (photo).

Hertz Lease currently services 170 clients in Romania, ranging from multinational companies to local SMEs and estimates a 25% growth in 2016. The company will invest approximately EUR 12 M in 1,000 new vehicles this year.

“We have already registered a 25% growth for the first three months of 2016 in comparison to the same period of 2015 and expect to maintain the pace until the end of the year, as the positive evolution of many business sectors, including tourism, has stimulated both long term and short term rentals”, George Asimakis added.

Hertz is also launching the premium service VIP Concierge, offering top and middle management operational leasing clients a continuous mobility even during periods when leased cars are undergoing maintenance.

The service ensures an executive class replace car for clients during maintenance or repair periods on cars that are leased and on the same moment a “ door to door “ service to be provided.


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