How much is a Romanian speaking and using Internet on his mobile phone every month?

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The average mobile phone customer has used 167 MB Internet traffic, sent 74 SMSs and talked 251 minutes on a monthly basis in the first half year of 2015, the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications of Romania (ANCOM) stated on Tuesday.

“The average customer of mobile phone and mobile net set up on is using 167 MB of mobile net traffic every month, sending 75 national SMSs (64 in their own mobile network and 10 outside the network) and gives phone calls totaling 251 minutes (193 minutes in their own network and 58 minutes outside),” reads the ANCOM press release.

At the same time, an occasional user of mobile phone and mobile Internet is using 56 MB net traffic, sending 24 SMSs and gives phone calls of 83 minutes on a monthly basis.

On the other side, the hard customer is using 501 MB of net traffic, sending 222 SMSs and giving phone calls of 753 minutes each month.

ANCOM states that the traffic outside the network on every consumption segments is on the rise, and this is particularly due to the regulation of the maximum value operated for the tariffs of ending calls and due to the mobile operators’ offers for unlimited minutes or  included national minutes.

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