How much the Romanians pay for medical treatment in Austria every year?

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Romanian patients have paid around EUR 250 million annually for the treatments made in Austria over the last ten years, said in an interview with, Darius Pencea, the founder of the company that deals with medical tourism between Romania and Austria, AT-Med, informs.

According to Statistics Austria, out of the EUR 250 million, 90 percent are treatments made from their own money.

“Who chooses Austria, chooses the most expensive medicine, the best medical infrastructure, and everyone goes there because they trust that the medicine there is so updated,” Pencea said. According to him, the sever causes are often taken over by the medical units in Austria, , which is why AT-Med receives monthly about 25 requests from patients with oncological diseases.

The idea of medical mediation and translation came to Pencea in 2009 after a friend asked him to help him with the translation of the medical tests of his sick son of leukemia and to help him to enter a hospital in Vienna.

In 2009, the Romanian entrepreneur entered into discussions with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and made a business plan.

Pencea says he has invested in this business from his own resources between EUR 25,000-EUR 40,000 and the rest of up to EUR 70,000 were granted by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

As regards the company’s rates, they start from EUR 75 per hour for translation and brokering, but do not exceed EUR 450 per 24 hours. At the same time, the company is subsidized for every patient staying in Austria.

“We do all the necessary papers and keep in touch with private health houses”, Pencea said who stressed that currently AT Med works with six hospitals in Vienna.

Last year the company reached a turnover of EUR 450,000 and estimates that this year it will reach EUR 600,000.

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