How To Schedule Appointments for Small Businesses


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Small businesses need all the help they can get to engender the growth they need. This is even more important in the current era. The Covid-19 pandemic gave every business and individual a shock. The way we worked, let alone lived, changed considerably literally overnight. Remote working became a necessity, and for many office-based staff, this was an entirely new thing to cope with.

Among the other lessons the crisis taught us was the importance of a well-organized office structure and how much help we get from well-developed software tools and apps. In this article, we’re looking at the subject of appointment scheduling. This could be one to one with a client or a manager-employee meeting. It could be a meeting of multiple persons at once, either in person or by video calling.

The importance of scheduling cannot be overstated, nor can the software that helps us get it right. Let’s start by looking at why scheduling is important to small businesses and how to start improving your scheduling.

Why is Scheduling Important?

Scheduling appointments is essential in a small business if you want things to run smoothly. It’s also important in other areas of the business. For example, if you manufacture a product, you will need to schedule the various processes involved. Then there is the scheduling of goods inwards, deliveries, and all other aspects of logistics.

The scheduling we are most interested in here is that of appointments, and by this, we mean appointments of any kind. This is why we will talk about the very useful tool to be found at, which we believe is an excellent choice for smaller, growing businesses. Let’s look in more detail at some of the features of

Advantages of a Cloud-Based System

There is no doubt that cloud-based storage has helped all businesses in terms of security, speed and convenience. What is the cloud all about? Before the advent of cloud storage, there was a need to store data on a physical server in the office or commercial building. This was all very well, but presented a couple of problems. First, it is expensive to maintain servers. Second, having that information in physical form on a disc or hard drive made it easier for unscrupulous persons to access that data.

Sensitive data is always at risk, but far less so when we use a cloud-based system. is entirely cloud-based, and all information within it is store in the cloud and fully encrypted. Think of it as virtual storage off-site. works by allowing access to its various functions from anyone authorized and denying it to those who are not.

Let’s use an example of a business that would benefit greatly from a capable scheduling tool such as this. Let’s say you are a private tutor and offer one-on-one coaching and video coaching in your area of expertise. Usually, your clients will call you and ask when you have an appointment-free. Or, at the end of one session, you’ll book them in for the next in your diary, whether physical or on a hand-held device.

What if you could offer a more convenient booking system, one where the client chooses the time? allows this, and here’s how: your available time’s slots are displayed on a cloud-based calendar that clients can access online. They pick a slot, and you are notified that the slot has been booked. Your diary is updated automatically. Also, you and the client get a notification shortly before the chosen time.

The advantages here are clear: cloud-based booking by the client means they can pick a more convenient time for them. You have already endured it’s convenient for you by only opening those slots where you are available to work. This fully integrated booking system cuts out on time taken with bookings, keeps everyone updated, and eliminates no shows.

The range of businesses is suitable for is endless: legal outfits, gyms and salons, driving instructors, even businesses that want to use it internally for meetings booking and diary maintenance. It’s all there for you, and it’s free, too. So, what else can do?


Organize Meetings and Video Calls

We’ve talked about how can help with your meeting organization, whether that’s one to one or group meetings, but a bonus is that it can also be used as a tool to facilitate video calls. This is a great bonus for a meetings app. The multi-functional ability allows you to cut out further time spent arranging video conferencing, training or tutoring sessions, or even online consultations.

Direct Payments and Receipts

Achieving streamlined office processes involves revising your payments systems, and allows you to take and make payments directly within the app. Let’s say you run a guest house. When a customer makes a booking using, they can also pay directly with an integrated payment system alongside the booking feature. This is another way of cutting out unnecessary time spent chasing payments individually. This can be automated.

Remote Working for Many Businesses

Remote working is becoming more commonplace now that we have seen how productive and convenient it can be for people in many roles. A tool such as is imperative in completing the bridge between remote locations and allowing for real-time conversation between numbers of people. Meetings that are not necessary face to face can be carried out using the video conferencing feature and be arranged easily and quickly, with all involved being notified in good time.


Scheduling efficiently allows a business to save time and improve productivity, but does much more. By combining the cloud-based scheduling facility with the other features described above; a business can cover several steps at once and be assured that automation is put in place where possible. Get your business up to speed now; check out


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