How will artificial intelligence influence the online entertainment industry?


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As you probably know, recently GPT4 was released, the more advanced and powerful model of GPT3. The former has the ability, compared to its predecessor, to connect to the Internet in real time to search for information and give you answers based on it.

In short, it can be said that artificial intelligence has reached a new level – but GPT4 is not the only evidence that can be used to support this claim. In fact, strictly speaking, ‘AI’ is a loose term for describing ChatGPT and its predecessors and near-future versions. It’s a large language model, instead. It’s fed language – in this case a large database of web pages. From this language, the programme is able to condense everything it ‘knows’ and then respond to the inputs the user creates. Meaning, large language models can never really ‘know’ anything. If a user inputted ‘what is 2+2?’, it would likely respond with ‘4’, but only because enough web pages have that answer on it, but it wouldn’t know how to apply the ‘+’ independent of answers already existing. But this is a significant step towards AI. ChatGPT has ignited an AI arms race!

And, already, there are many other AI based programs and tools that are changing online industries daily!

Personalized experiences, much more immersive

In addition to artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality should also be mentioned. These three types of technologies can be used in parallel to create new, significantly more immersive online experiences.

In fact, virtual reality already allows people to enjoy their passions from the physical world in the virtual world. We can thus visit an online casino and experience all aspects of this element of online entertainment from the comfort of our own home – and the experience is truly unique!

Improving the process of online search and generating results

This process of searching, generating and recommending results will become more and more prominent in the near future. Artificial intelligence will study our online behavior and know what we need even before we make a search.

Content classification in detail

At the same time, in the online entertainment chapter, artificial intelligence will be capable of classification and organization at the content level, regardless of the environment. Thus, the chances of reaching negative or irrelevant content while browsing the Internet will significantly decrease.

Of course, Google is already constantly working to improve its search results. However, an AI-based program that analyzes content contextually and visually, like the GPT model – which it is developing with Bard – can make the difference between a spammy result and one that is truly beneficial to the user.

Increased volume of content produced in a very short time

Last but not least, it goes without saying that artificial intelligence will be used to streamline the production process of online entertainment content – from videos to movie scripts, video game code, and so on.

Artificial intelligence will not replace screenwriters and programmers. Instead, it will help them manage projects faster and more efficiently, while also being as error-free as possible.

In short, the online entertainment industry will change significantly in the coming years. The impact of AI will be far greater than that of video games, the eSports industry or the online casino industry, especially because AI can influence and improve all of the mentioned industries.

If you’re active in the field, all you have to do is embrace this type of technology!

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