Immersive, Metaverse, Phygital, NFT & co at a new Bold edition


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MullenLowe Romania and Riift Studio have organized a new Bold edition, focused on how technology has become, today, such a broad concept that reaches everything around us. PHYGITAL/ IMMERSIVE, AR/VR/MX/XR, METAHUMAN, METAVERSE, DIGITAL ASSETS, Blockchain and NFTs are just a few languages through which brands communicate complex messages through simple and powerful ideas, implemented through technology, including avatars and virtual worlds, multisensory offline activations, installations, 3D mappings and the whole spectrum of experiential marketing.

At the event that was attended by customers and their partners, the agency team has proved through concrete examples on how the real world and the digital world are increasingly connected and confused, and technology has become a constant in our lives and everyday activities. Consumers prefer digital apps and channels for fast and recurring communication, both at work and with people close to them or interest groups, and they turn to technology for a variety of activities, from the most common to the very special ones.

Studies show that 74% of consumers are more inclined to buy a brand’s products after experiencing an emotional interaction with it, according to Positioning as top of mind, consolidating the market share, increasing the sales, brand building leadership in the industry and, last but not least, the growth of new generations of loyal customers – are some of the benefits that brands can get when they choose to integrate the latest technologies and create experiences that are interactive, immersive and memorable for consumers.

“Communication has evolved fantastically. So has technology, which gives us the opportunity to communicate even the most complex human emotions and feelings. Consumers adopt on their own, almost effortlessly, the technologies that bring value to their lives, and they do the same with the relevant products, services and experiences offered by brands. Nowadays, we can pass on a little bit of what we’ve received from technology. And we can help brands create memorable experiences that not only integrate the brand, but are customer-centric and that, until recently, seemed sci-fi. Today, these projects are the signature of brands with vision and, after all, with a correct understanding of how communication is already evolving”, said Silviu Antohe, Executive Creative Director, MullenLowe Romania.

“Technology is the most aggressive selector on Earth, more aggressive than the meteor that fell millions of years ago. On how fast you move and progress depends your life as a person, as an agency, as a brand. Consumers, artists and brands – our role is to unite these three heroes and make technology easy to assimilate, understand and implement”, said Dumitru Gangaliuc, Creative Producer & Immersive Director, Riift Studio.

The possibilities of introducing technology in brand activations are diverse, but those involving more senses have the chance to remain even more memorable, because they produce emotions that create a strong bond between the brand and the consumer. With the help of technology, even ordinary OOHs can be transformed into a digital space that expands on the phone. In this regard, MullenLowe Romania and Riift have jointly developed MURAL, a product that offers the way to make OOH relevant again.

By crossing the boundary between IT and the creative area, MullenLowe Romania and Riift Studio address the common needs that brands face and help them connect the real world with the digital world in a creative and relevant way for the brand and for consumers – through new media and new media art technologies.

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