In Romania there is one tablet for every three households

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Romanians love every new technology. The recent study of the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) reveals that approximately 36 percent of Romanian households own at least one tablet. Also, 73 percent have at least one smartphone and 55 percent of them at least one laptop.

According to a press release, 50 percent of Romanians have access to mobile internet by phone, based on a telephony postpay offer that also includes internet, 35 percent have internet access on the phone, based on a prepaid card that includes a mobile internet additional option, while 25 percent have internet access via a stick or USB card with subscription. 67 percent of subscriptions / extraoptions, 70 percent of prepaid cards and 45 percent of tablets/USB card for mobile internet access have limited traffic, while 33 percent of subscriptions/extraoptions, 30 percent of prepaid cards with access, respectively 55 percent of tablets/USB cards have unlimited traffic or unlimited with some restrictions on mobile internet.

55 percent of mobile internet users with limited traffic said they pay close attention to the way they use the traffic and do not exceed it. Other 24 percent of users very rarely exceed the traffic limit while other 10 percent admit this happens to them often or very often. 38 percent of those who exceed the included traffic quit to use mobile internet in that billing period, while 60 percent continue to use it, paying additional costs or incurring much lower speeds.

In the case of mobile internet services, Romanians pay on average RON 58 for an individual service, while for a package of services that includes mobile internet, they pay RON 109. Most users pay between RON 23 and RON 45 for an individual service while the price of a package of services is RON 90.

Most Romanians are satisfied with their mobile internet provider and only 5 percent of them have changed the operator over the past year. Mobile internet is used mainly for surfing, social networks and e-mail but also for voice communication and instant messaging.

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