In which areas has 2022 brought salary increases?


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The March legislative proposal of the European Commission has developed the interest of the players on the labor market regarding salary transparency. In Romania, between the desire to attract relevant talent for open positions and to align with European trends, more and more companies choose to publish information about the salary offered. Thus, currently 22% of active jobs on the recruitment platform BestJobs have a salary margin displayed, this trend is increasing compared to last year, when only 16% of the ads displayed the salary offer.

With the data provided by the companies on the platform, analyzing its own sources, but also publicly available official data, BestJobs launches the first edition of the Salary Guide 2022, an extensive research on salary developments with the aim of supporting employers to develop competitive and coherent recruitment policies.

A BestJobs analysis of salaries published by employers on the recruitment platform between January and September 2022, compared with data provided by the National Institute of Statistics, shows that the average net salary increased this year compared to last year in areas such as:

● Medicine (1,433 euros in 2021 versus 1,669 euros this year);

● Tourism and HoReCa (879 euros in 2021 versus 1,125 euros this year);

● Construction and Installations (1,076 euros last year versus 1,386 euros this year).

At the opposite pole, the main fields that recorded decreases in salary offer are:

● Agriculture (from 1,139 euros in 2021 to 937 euros in 2022);

● Engineering (from 1,200 euros last year to 1,117 euros this year);● Human Resources (from 1,073 euros to 930 euros);

● Financial (from 920 euros in 2021 to 865 euros in 2022);

● Management (from 1,222 euros in 2021 to 1,123 euros this year);

● Marketing (from 1,131 euros in 2021 to 1,085 euros in 2022).

Map of net average salaries in Romania

According to INSSE data from June 2022, the highest average net salaries are in Bucharest (1,048 euros), Cluj (953 euros), Timișoara (895 euros), Sibiu (814 euros), Ilfov (810 euros) and Iași (808 euros ).

Mid-level offers, with salaries between 700 and 800 euros, can be found in the counties of Alba, Olt, Bacău, Brașov, Mureș, Gorj, and the lowest salary offers are recorded in Vrancea (596 euros), Teleorman (588 euros) and Harghita (574 euros).

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