ING Bank relocates to new HQs

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Almost 2,000 employees of ING Bank have relocated to the bank’s new headquarters (inside the Expo Business Park, 54 A Aviator Popisteanu street, district 1, Bucharest). The new head office is stretching on a 18,000-sqm area.

ING is thus inaugurating a new HQs, the fourth in the bank’s history, together with celebrating 25 years of existence in Romania.

Compared to the previous headquarter where there were three types of spaces (offices, meeting rooms and kitchenettes), the new office brings nine types of spaces and a new organisation following the Agile working principle. The HQs nine floors encompass office areas, co-working areas, relaxing and focusing areas.

There are 1,346 individual spaces or the “flexible” offices, less than the current number of employees, as the remote working has been considered. During 2019, around 40% employees took at least one day of working remote.

The new HQs also comprises 203 spaces destined to focusing with sofas and insulating furniture, including the classical cubicles.The collaboration and co-working spaces include 92 meeting rooms and 180 informal offices (open-space areas, at the center of every floor, with armchairs and sofas).

The relaxation areas (with massage armchairs, ping pong tables, pool, fussball, basketball hoops, treadmills).

At the same time, the  new HQs has 2,735 plants and wallflowers, totaling 66 sqm.

The parking area is equipped with cutting-edge technology of automated tracking of vehicles, electric charging stations and an area for bicycles.

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