INS: 50.1% of the total active enterprises had as main activity market services


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50.1% of the total active enterprises had as main activity market services, while the highest average number of employees was registered in the market services sector, representing 36.8% of total, the National Institute of Statistics informs.

In 2021, the average number of employees increased by 1.2% compared to 2020.
The highest share of the average number of employees (36.8%) is registered in enterprises from market services sector, followed by those from industry (30.8%). The average size of an industrial enterprise was around 21 employees, while in trade the average size was about 5 employees.

Compared to 2020, the total number of enterprises increased by 4.7%.
At the end of 2021, there were 61255 enterprises active in the industry sector, respectively 9.8% of total active enterprises of economic sectors (industry, construction, trade and market services). The highest share was held by active enterprises within the market services sector, respectively 50.1%.

The structure of gross investments by economic activity sectors is the following: industry 33.7%, market services 30.5%, construction 20.7% and trade 15.1%.

Regarding the turnover, the highest value was registered by enterprises having trade as main activity (41.3%), while construction enterprises recorded only 7.2% of the total turnover.

The gross result registered positive values (profit) for all those four economic activity sectors, market services and trade accounting over 60% of gross result.

The structure of gross value added at factor cost by sectors in 2021, was as follows: 34.1% in market services, 31.8% in industry, 25.1% in trade and 9.0% in construction.

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