INS: Gas imports down by 80 pc after the first nine months of 2015

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At end-September, Romania reported 67,200 tonnes of usable natural gas of oil equivalent (toe), by 80 percent (268,500 toe) less than the quantity imported during the same period in 2014, according to data released by the National Statistical Institute (INS).

Domestic output of natural gas surpassed in the first nine months of 2015, the level of 6.38 million toe, by 82,700 toe (1.3 percent) less than during January-September 2014.

According to INS, the imports of natural gas amounted in 2014 to 447,400 toe, by 61.5 percent (714,100 toe) less than in 2013. Also, domestic output of natural gas totalled over 8.675 million toe, by 73.900 toe (0.9 percent) higher than in the previous year.

Romania’s Draft Energy Strategy for 2015-2035, published on the ministry’s website, reveals that Romania has the largest reserves of natural gas in Central and Eastern Europe, with proven reserves of approximately 1,600 TWh.

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