Internet by voice? Yes, it may be possible! Romanians have the solution…


Three Romanians want to revolutionize the way we connect to the Internet. They created a software that removes data traffic by sending information through standard voice network, as the old modems connected to the telephone network functioned, informs.

The system developed by three youths in Cluj have surprised the Google experts too, because the technology eliminates the costly infrastructure, and so many people would benefit from Internet access. The software that could connect the whole world to the internet will be tested this summer in Philippines and India.

“We simply do applications to run on existing mobiles and networks now. The problem that four billion people are not connected to the internet could not be solved and can be solved with what is now there. So we take advantage of an existing network.” Vlad Iuhas, CEO Pangea Communications said.

The young people are already negotiating with telecom companies in Asia and Africa, where data traffic is below 10 percent. The system will be tested for a month on 1,000 users, and if the results are good, the Romanians want extend to it to other countries.

“The most interesting is John Hopkins University. They want to send medical information to countries where there is no Internet access,” Iuhas added.

The company owned by the three Romanians youths is headquartered in San Francisco and is valued at USD 4 million.

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