Investments of almost EUR 100 M in Romanian tourism in Transylvania in the next 2 years, with EUR 40 M in non-reimbursable funds

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The Pro Economica Alapítvány Foundation will invest in the next period about 44 million euros, non-reimbursable funds, in several tourism projects in Transylvania. The region is very attractive, with a potential demonstrated in recent years, so that investments will generate substantial economic growth, create new jobs, but also new opportunities for tourists. Through a project selection process, 11 tourism development projects have already been chosen and approved, respectively hotels of at least 4 stars and additional tourist facilities. According to initial estimates, these projects will generate about 500 new jobs and total investments of about 100 million euros.


Three-step economic development for Transylvania: production – processing – sales

ProEconomica aims to create a self-sustaining chain in agriculture and stimulate three interdependent areas: tourism, agriculture and trade. Thus, the objective of the Pro Economica Foundation is to ensure a sustainable economic development of the Transylvania region, through a three-stage plan. It involved first financing small farms of agricultural production, then financing facilities for processing and processing raw materials and, finally, financing investments in the tourism area to complete this chain of production, processing and sales by integrating services and local products in their tourist offer.

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“Our goal is to provide support to local communities to develop small economic engines that generate income and jobs. In the context in which Romania continues to import a lot of processed products, it is important to have a sustained support for local producers and the community, starting from farms, production facilities ad ending with hotels and tourist infrastructure. ” said Monika Kozma, Executive Director of the Pro Economica Foundation.

11 new hotels in Transylvania and 500 new jobs

Of over 100 projects reviewed by the Pro Economica team, 50 represent ongoing investments in the form of farms and agricultural processing facilities and 11 represent 4 and 5 star hotels, to be built in Mureș, Harghita and Covasna counties. These 11 hotels will generate almost 500 new jobs and total about 700 accommodation rooms. Among the funded projects are a complex with 20 apartments in Vârșag, Harghita County, as well as a hotel with 115 rooms, built in Târgu Mureș. The facilities of this accommodation include SPA centers, spa treatments, bobsled run, ski slope, access by private plane.

Moreover, the financial support of almost 44 million euros of the Pro Economica Alapítvány Foundation, which represents only 50% of the total investment to be made in the area, is an important step for regional tourism, especially given that the entire industry has suffered huge losses from the restrictions imposed by the pandemic in the last year.

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