Ion Tiriac remains Romania’s richest, according to Capital. Who are the other wealthy Romanians?

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Romanian businessman and former professional tennis and ice hockey player, Ion Tiriac, is the richest Romanian in 2016, with a fortune of EUR 1.6 billion to EUR 1.65 billion, up by 8.3 percent compared to 2015, when his fortune was estimated at EUR1.5 billion, according to the 15th edition of Capital’s Top 300 wealthiest men in Romania.

This is the third year in a row when tennis promoter Tiriac is designated the richest Romanian, according to Top 300 Capital.

The total wealth of the 300 richest Romanians amounted to EUR 21.7 billion, up by 4.2 percent than the level recorded in last year’s edition of the ranking.

Pavăl brothers rank 2nd who own DIY Dedeman network, with a fortune of EUR 920-950 million, up 6.8 percent over 2015.

Ioan Niculae, once considered the richest Romanian and recently released from jail, ranks 3rd with a fortune of EUR 600-700 million, down from 2015, when his wealth was estimated at EUR 750-800 million.

Zoltan Teszari, telecom group RCS & RDS owner, has a fortune valued at EUR 500-520 million, up from last year.

On the following places are: Iulian Dascalu, with a fortune of EUR 450 million, Gruia Stoica and Vasile Didilă (EUR 380-400 million), Cristescu brothers (EUR 350-360 million), Gabriel Popoviciu (EUR 340-360 million), George Becali (EUR 280-300 million) and Radu Dimofte (EUR 270-290 million).

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