Israel bans again the sheep and cattle imports from Romania

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Israeli Agriculture Ministry has decided a new halt to the transport of live lambs and calves from Romania slated for slaughter, the second time in three months, The Jerusalem Post informs.

Israeli authorities discovered violations in a recent domestic live shipment of sheep and cattle and until the defects uncovered by inspectors in the shipping process are rectified, no further live animal shipments from Romania will be permitted.

“We see great importance in maintaining public health, animal health and animal welfare,” said Dr. Shlomo Grazi, director of the Veterinary Services.

The ministry’s decision followed a previous incident in March, when the Veterinary Services also temporarily froze cattle and sheep shipments from the country after animals began arriving to Israel without suitable health certificates and examinations.

“We are continuing to work to reduce live shipments by increasing quotas for importing meat to Israel and extending the shelf life of chilled meat,” Uri Ariel, minister of Agriculture And Rural Development, said.

Following the announcement of the temporary ban in imports from Romania, the groups Anonymous for Animal Rights, Let Animals Live, Israel Against Live Shipments once again stressed the importance of prohibiting the practice entirely.

“We call on Minister Ariel to stop live shipments and put an end to this unnecessary abuse”.



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