Israeli Firm and Romanian Group Race for RON 17.7M Tarnița-Lăpuștești Contract


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The 17.5 million lei tender for the feasibility study on the Tarnița-Lăpuștești project has managed to reach the bid submission stage, after numerous postponements. According to SEAP data, offers were submitted by an Israeli company, with three subcontractors, and an association of Romanian companies, with one subcontractor.

The deadline for submission of offers has been extended four times since January until no, due to the lack of offers.
Before this tender, another one was held last year, ending with an automatic cancellation, in the absence of encrypted financial offers.
Last year, Sebastian Burduja, the minister of energy, current candidate for the capital’s mayor’s office, declared Tarnița – Lăpușteşti his soul project. The auction was organized by Societatea de Administrare a Participătilii en Energie – SAPE SA, a company owned by the Ministry of Energy.
First bid: The sole bidder is BARAN ISRAEL LTD, part of the Israeli Baran group, an international company that offers engineering solutions.

The tenderer presented himself with three subcontractors:
INTERTECHE CONSULTORES S.A., Brazilian company specialized in consulting and engineering projects.
ENERGOBIT CONTROL SYSTEMS, a Romanian company from Cluj-Napoca, specialized in engineering activities and technical consultancy, with a turnover of 15 million lei last year
East European Business Center (E.E.B.C) SRL, Romanian company from Sibiu, specialized in scientific and technical activities, with a turnover of 7.3 million lei last year.
The second offer was submitted by the association
SMM Invest Co SRL (Leader) – Hydro Proiect Invest –Hidrotim SA, the National Institute of Research – Development for Electrical Engineering ICPE – Icemenerg
SMM INVEST CO SRL, a co.pany from Bucharest, specialized in business and management consulting, with a turnover of 7.4 million lei last year.
Hydro Proiect Invest, an engineering and technical consulting company from Bucharest, with a turnover of 3.1 million lei last year.
HIDROTIM SA, a research-development and engineering company from Timișoara, with a turnover of 5.8 million lei last year.
The subcontractor is Eolhid Design SRL, an engineering and technical consulting company from Bucharest, with a turnover of only 32 thousand lei last year.
The former Hidro Tarnița project company was dissolved at the beginning of July last year, because it had not produced anything in its 10 years of existence, apart from synergists, could not be financed in any way, and no investor could be found to build Hydroelectric Power Plant with Accumulation by Pumping from Tarnița-Lăpustești.
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