Weak IT performance of Romanian companies brings losses of EUR 19 bn, Epson study shows

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Each employee in Romania loses more than a work week annually due problems caused by IT systems and equipment, Epson Europe study reveals, a press release informs. This is equivalent to a productivity cost of EUR19 billion. Of this amount, more than half is attributed to printers, namely EUR 9.7 billion.

While the feedback from the 100 employees surveyed in the study suggests that they lose an average of 10 minutes daily, the role of printers continues to be essential for offices’ efficiency and productivity, the respondents claiming that productivity would drop by 28 percent on average without printers.

“When considering the cost savings and environmental benefits of inkjet technology, it is no wonder that this becomes a serious threat for laser technology,” Simona Decuseara, Sales & Marketing Manager Epson for Romania & Bulgaria stated.

Epson research highlights the fact that only half of companies are implementing new IT systems, suggesting that the other 50 percent still do not fully appreciates the impact that the appropriate technologies can have on performance or profit.

Besides the problems with maintenance and disruptions, the users lose extra time because of the way the printers are distributed, the employees having to move 5.4 meters on average to the nearest equipment. This shows that many companies still use a traditional centralized printer.

There is a long distance, considering that the respondents print 38 documents daily on average.epson printer

In this context, Epson has developed RIPS (Replaceable Ink Pack System) printers which use high capacity ink packs that can hold a far higher volume of ink compared to traditional ink cartridges. According to Epson, this can help to drastically slash printing costs for businesses.

The RIPS system provides the ease-of-use of a cartridge-based system, combined with the high volume printing of an ink tank system.

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