Italian wine makers need 100,000 Romanians and Bulgarians for the harvest, willing to pay their Covid tests

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It is a critical situation in the Italian vineyard areas due to the 14-day quarantine imposed to people coming from Romania and Bulgaria, as the wine makers were counting on Romanian and Bulgarian workers for the harvest.

Italian wine makers say that the production this year is in danger for the harvest is made every year with the help of 100,000 Romanian seasonal workers and of around 10,000 Bulgarians.

Ettore Prandini, president of Coldiretti, the National Farmers Confederation, has sent a letter to the Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza, asking him to find new solutions on the restrictions against Romanian. He argued that without the Romanian seasonal workers’ help, the harvest time in the vineyards starting in early August and ending in November, is compromised, reports Italia a Tavola.

Prandini says that farmers are even willing to cover for the testing costs for the workers who would come from Romania. He proposed the Health ministry to adopt a decree to simplify the procedures in the case of seasonal workers.

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