Italians, the largest owners of Romanian land


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Ministry of Agriculture wants to roughen the law on the sale of agricultural lands after finding that foreigners are buying more and more Romanian land. Now, 40-70 percent of arable land would already be in their possession, studies show, informs.

Italians are the largest owners. They work 23 percent of the arable land. Then, it follows the Germans – 15 percent and Arabs – 10 percent.

Overall, 70 percent of foreigners are exploiting the Romanian land. Another European statistics show that only 40 percent of the land would be in their possession.

An area four times less appears in the official data from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Lebanese company Maria Group is among the companies owning large areas, with 65,000 hectares.

Northbridge, a Norwegian-owned company, holds 40,000 hectares in total, in Timis and in Botosani counties.

5 years experience in the field, 75 percent activity in agriculture and Romanian citizenship for foreigners from third countries are some of the conditions for land purchase.

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