Kaufland Romania brings ‘Gradinescu’ concept, investing EUR 300,000 in urban gardens network

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Kaufland Romania invests EUR 300,000 in a concept by which transforms its roofs, the exterior of the car parks and stores into green areas that are cultivated with vegetables, fruits, shrubs, aromatic plants and flowers that can be used by the community in the area.

The ‘Gradinescu’ project aims atKaufland Romania 2 setting up nine urban gardens, three of which are located on the roofs of Kaufland stores, four in the car parks or behind the stores, and two in the schools in Bucharest.

“Gradinescu is a 100 percent Romanian project. It has not been implemented in other countries where Kaufland is present”, Valer Hancas, communications director of the company stated in a press conference on Monday.

Kaufland Bucharestii Noi is the first store transformed, and by the autumn it’s estimated the completion of the urban gardens in Barbu Vacarescu, Tudor Vladimirescu, Aparatorii Patriei units and other schools.

logoThe garden behind the Kaufland Bucurestii Noi covers an area of 2,300 square meters and was designed in about four weeks. Overall, the nine gardens will have a total area of over 5,000 sqm.

Residents near Kaufland stores included in the project can register and take care of their own plot of land with the help of the Permaculture Research Institute in Romania specialists.

According to BICEED survey, 7 out of 10 Romanians practice urban agriculture, the balcony being the favorite place for almost 50 percent of them.

Regarding Kaufland Romania’s expansion strategy, Valer Hancas said that the German retailer intends to open four new stores by the end-FY (February 2018), targeting cities like Bucharest, Cluj and Satu Mare. The investment value is as high as in previous years, to almost EUR 100 million.

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