KLM marks 100th anniversary in Bucharest, hails Romania’s growing market


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Air France-KLM hailed the market in Romania, according to Thijs Komen, General Manager Air France-KLM Balkans and Central Europe in Bucharest on Monday in a press event occasioned by the 100th anniversary of the airline group.

KLM is currently operating 3 flights per week on the Bucharest-Amsterdam route in the summer and 2 flights per week during the winter.

Around 75%-80% of the Romanian passengers flying with KLM are traveling to intercontinental destinations, with the most requested being to America and Asia, for prices starting EUR 500.

The first Bucharest-Amsterdam flight was operated by KLM 54 years ago, on March 31, 1965, but all flights were suspended later on.

KLM resumed flights in Romania in 1996 and that happened in full force, meaning 10 flights per week, which outranked the European average at that time of 7 flights/week, as Razvan Radut, Sales Manager of Air Force-KLM Romania pointed out.

He also said the airline has “a small, but warm-hearted team in Romania“.

As for other future plans of the group overall, they focus on the Flying-V programme, a concept that embraces an entirely different approach to aircraft design, in anticipation and support of sustainable long-distance flight in the future, and also on developing new technology and sustainability projects, investing roughly EUR 3 million per day on that.

The move is meant to curb noise and air pollution and to have a minimum impact on the environment. KLM used the first bio-fueled aircraft in 2014.

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