KMGI transferred over 32 million tons of crude via Black Sea Marine Terminal in 10 years

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KMG International managed to transfer over 32 million tons of crude oil in the present through its offshore terminal out in the Black Sea, since 2009, when the offshore terminal was put into operation, as a press release informs.

Located in Midia port, the terminal is operated by Midia Marine Terminal (MMT), company that coordinates the shipping activities in Midia harbor and in Petromidia and Vega refineries, operated by the Group.

The construction works of the offshore terminal, located at 8.9 km in the  Black Sea waters started in 2007, the total investment reached over USD 100 million.

“In 10 years since the since the start of the operations carried out in the Black Sea, the records have increased yearly. In 2016, the total quantity transferred through all the terminals operated by Midia Marine Terminal was of over 11 million tons of crude and petroleum products. The operational records of the marine terminal represent a result of the investments carried out by KMG International and its sole shareholder, the National Oil and Gas Company of Kazakhstan – KazMunayGas, in Romania”, Ioan Taus, General Manager of Midia Marine Terminal stated.

Through the berths managed by the company, the frequency registered is of 550 vessels per year and the transfer of oil products, LPG, ethylene & raw materials is more than 2 million tons per year, imported and exported.

Through the marine terminal, the transfer of crude reaches 5 million tons per year, quantity operated by 50 tankers per year. More than 350 vessels were operated since the start up.

The transfer via Petromidia and Vega refineries loading/unloading ramps exceed 3.5 million tons per year of fuel products & LPG, with 60,000 rail tanks operated and more than 35,000 truck tanks operated yearly.

Refinery secondary truck logistics for Bitumen and Petrochemicals deliveries are also coordinated by MMT responsible, by assuring in time, means of transportations and quality services in order to keep or even extend the Polymer and Bitumen network clients.

The marine terminal operated by Midia Marine Terminal in the Black Sea ensures the transfer of crude oil to Petromidia refinery, approximatively 40 percent of the crude refined in Romania. With an estimated transfer capacity of 24 million tons per year, the oil terminal can receive ships up to 160,000 tdw. By operating the offshore marine terminal, the company decreased the distance by about 33 kilometers from the Constanta port route and allows for reductions of approx. USD 7 per ton of crude oil supply costs. Thus, the investment of USD 100 million for the construction of the oil terminal was amortized only 5 years after its commissioning. In 2015, the system for transfer of crude through the oil terminal was replaced, as a result of the mandatory maintenance works which were carried out. The investments amounted to USD 3.5 million.


Midia Marine Terminal to become a big energy hub at the Black Sea

Midia Marine Terminal shareholder plans to transform the terminal in Midia Port into the most important Black Sea energy hub, thanks to a portfolio of investment projects planned to be launched in 2018 to develop and expand its capabilities of operation and interconnection.

“We currently operate as a fiscal warehouse for petroleum products only for Petromidia but we also have the operational capacity to provide services to third parties,” Ioan Taus said.

According to him, a package of eight projects for the development of the company’s operating capacity is expected to be launched next year, offering also the possibility to provide services to third parties, which will turn the terminal into the most important energy hub on the Black Sea, through which the resources exploited on the continental seashore can be transported to Europe, but also those that will be transported, thanks to the Chinese initiative titled The New Silk Road.

In turn, First Vice President KMG International Catalin Dumitru said that the operations plans to expand in Romania and abroad, including the Midia Maritime Terminal activity, are linked to the completion of the transfer of the majority shareholding to the new Chinese shareholder.

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