La Fantana enters the bottled water market


La Fantana, water and coffee provider for companies in Romania and Serbia, enters the   bottled water market with La Fantana – Spring Water.

The new product adds to the range of services of water supply, which includes 19 liters water cooler bottles for water dispenser machines, water cooler-purifying water and 10-liter box spring water.

“In the last two years, we have taken important steps to position the company as a provider of water and coffee. Although we have allocated significant resources for business development in the coffee segment, we still aim to expand water services competencies,” Cristian Amza, CEO La Fantana Group stated.

The water is extracted from the Mitrovo Polje in Serbia and is bottled at its own unit in this country.

In 2015, La Fantana group reported a consolidated turnover of over EUR 42 million and a consolidated gross profit of EUR 5.03 million (according to IFRS) from services provided to more than 50,000 customers.

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