Large companies active in Romania risk losing valuable human resources in the absence of practical and long-term measures


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Large companies in Romania risk losing valuable employees if they do not start to increase investments in employee retention and skills development. As such, plans for human resource development, through training, leadership and coaching programs are among the top priorities of this period and of 2022, at the top of large companies active in Romania.

Also, resource management, digitization and efficiency will become increasingly important in Romanian organizations. At the same time, the emotional development of top managers, customer experience with company products and services, but also the retention of valuable human resources are important topics for leaders in the future, given the current context. These are some of the main findings of the “Insights from the Top” study recently conducted by the Executive Search and Organizational Development firm K.M.Trust & Partners.

More than 60% of the top multinationals who responded to the study plan to increase investment in training, leadership and coaching programs this year, given the challenges of the current context. In fact, COVID-19 is a concern for more than 40% of the interviewed leaders. Another important topic for managers is emotional development and mental health within organizations, 35% of them mentioning it as a topic on their agenda in the next period.

In addition, over 65% of the leaders of the companies that participated in the study indicated that resource management, digitization and process efficiency in the organizations they lead, is a constant concern.

Most of the top managers in Romanian companies look for certain qualities when hiring senior managers during this period. The most important are character and moral values, 92% of leaders consider it crucial that a top manager has the right values ​​and integrity. Energy and motivation (80%), but also customer orientation (75%), complete the top of the qualities sought in recruiting people with decision-making power in the organization.

Companies continue the trend of transformation and adaptation to the new market context. We know that the pandemic has amplified the anxiety and stress that already existed. It also comes with several personal, emotional, mental health costs, and visionary leaders in companies understand this and want to help increase the emotional and mental well-being of both themselves and the valuable people in the company. Recently, it has grown and we believe that the demand for relevant development, training or coaching programs will continue to grow,” says Radu Manolescu, founder of K.M.Trust & Partners.

The “Insights from the Top” study was recently concluded by K.M. Trust & Partners among the largest companies active in Romania, with more than 20 billion euros cumulative turnover annually and which employ over 2 million people only on the Romanian market. The respondents come from sectors such as IT&C, health, financial services, telecom industry, production, retail, energy, logistics and distribution, automotive, agriculture.

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