Law on Romanian products in supermarkets, promulgated by President Iohannis

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President Klaus Iohannis OKs on Monday the bill requiring the supermarkets to put on sale 51 percent Romanian products such as meat, vegetables and fruits produced locally, a press release informs.

The law stipulates and a ban on traders to charge additional fees such as tax shelves. The project was criticized by retailers and employers’ representatives. The law was adopted by Parliament on June 8.

According to the law, the supermarkets in Romania will have to sell at least 51 percent products purchased on a ‘short chain of supply’, including meat, vegetables, fruits, honey, eggs and dairy products and bread from local production. Thus, sellers-authorized legal entities are obliged that categories such as meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, honey, dairy and bakery to be purchased by at least 51 percent from the ‘short supply chain’, meaning those products have to be Romanian products. Exceptions are traders with a business of up to EUR 2 million.

Short supply chain is one involving a limited number of operators engaged in cooperation and economic development at local and regional level, and close relationships between producers, processors and traders.

Another change concerns the labeling of fresh meat or indication of origin, the place the animal was slaughtered and whether it comes locally. However, on the processed meat products must specify the percentage of meat from Romania.

However, the Association of Large Commercial Networks in Romania (AMRCR) and the Employers’ Confederation of Romania (CONCORDIA) sent letters to Parliament asking law’s rejection, considering it ‘abusive and dangerous’.

The retailers believe that this draft ‘massively affects’ the functioning of food trade and does not provide any guarantees for consumers or producers, in particular as regards the obligation on the short supply chain.

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