Leader Team Broker inks partnership with Axa Global Healthcare in Romania

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Leader Team Broker, player on the insurance market in Romania, has announced today that, as part of its international development plan, the company signed a strategic agreement with AXA – Global Healthcare.

For us, this partnership is both an achievement and a crowning of our efforts of expanding internationally. The fact that we can offer our clients access to worldwide healthcare insurance from AXA’s global healthcare specialists, is an important step forward. Also, becoming an access point for local brokers is a recognition of our capabilities and expertise. It is an important moment for our team who has worked very hard to get us here” said Razvan Rusu, CEO and founder of Leader Team Broker.

From a business standpoint, the relationship is an important step for Leader Team as it becomes the access point to AXA’s global healthcare plans for local insurance brokers. With a strong international background and a professional team, Leader Team will handle any requests by local brokerage firms to distribute their plans.

The first international healthcare products have prices varying from 450 euro up to 5,000 euros with plans covering up to 8 mil euros each year. Since they are international healthcare products, the focus is that our members have access to quality medical care whenever they need it worldwide. No matter how big or small is your medical question, you’ll have somewhere to turn for help. You’ll have access to over 1 million healthcare facilities around the world where they’ll recognize AXA brand and trust your cover“, Leader Team Broker CEO adds.

For the end client this means having access to a global network of medical providers, 24/7 service online and over the phone, and most importantly the ability to offer one solution to suit the healthcare needs of the client wherever they are in the world. Working with such a strong brand means Leader Team can offer their customers a world of benefits, from a 24/7 virtual doctor service and second medical opinion, to case management and evacuation for medical emergencies, among many others.

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