Local Producers Highlighted: Food Hub around Făgăraș Mountains


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The Făgăraș Mountains’ harvest, the dedicated food hub promoting local producers around the Făgăraș Mountains, launches its new online store at www.roadelemunților.ro. The platform provides easy and quick access to over 170 natural products, skillfully crafted by 30 small producers from the Făgăraș Mountains vicinity.

Roadele Munților is a green initiative by the Conservation Carpathia Foundation, bringing together small local producers who follow traditional methods and create products with respect for nature and consumers. The launch of the online store under the motto ‘It comes naturally to click!’ marks a significant step toward facilitating access for those seeking local products, harvested or made with ingredients from the mountains.

Roadele Munților offers a rich variety of products, some of which are limited edition, including jams, pickles, honey, syrups, sauces, brandy, artisanal pasta, walnut kernels, dried fruits, dehydrated mushrooms, and flavored oils. A special category of organic and vegan products is available for those interested in making healthy and sustainable choices for their diet.

The online store will better showcase the over 30 local producers gathered within the Roadele Munților food hub, by presenting each family of small producers and the unique products they create.

“Through the Roadele Munților online store, we bring the taste of home, clean ingredients from the mountains, and the work of passionate people to any table in the country. The Conservation Carpathia Foundation, through the Green Business department, supports the work of small local producers with respect for nature, producing healthy food in small quantities with local ingredients. We are thus developing a network that brings benefits and development opportunities to the area, taste, and quality to those who choose to eat healthily,” said Istvan Szabo, Green Business Manager at the Conservation Carpathia Foundation.

Through flavor, authenticity, and the skill with which they are prepared, Roadele Munților products tell the story of the Făgăraș Mountains and the people who continue the craftsmanship and traditional recipes that showcase the best of what nature has to offer.

The Roadele Munților Food Hub – carefully selected snacks from the Făgăraș Mountains, is a green business model created by the Conservation Carpathia Foundation in 2021 to help local communities in the Făgăraș Mountains area thrive. It is an environmentally friendly business that relies on nature without depleting its generously provided natural resources.

The Conservation Carpathia Foundation supports small producers in business development, identifies market outlets, provides communication and product promotion support, assists in obtaining geographical indication product authorizations, and offers consulting and training. This ensures that each producer receives a fair price for their products and can grow sustainably.

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