Lower inflation rate shows a favorable climate for consumption in Romania, GfK study reads

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The positive evolution of wages and lower inflation rate, compared to the previous year, led to increased purchasing power. These trends have a noticeable impact in business also, according to GfK Pulse research study which analyzes the evolution of the technological goods and FMCG markets, and also the main macroeconomic trends in 2014.

The long-lasting goods market closed the last quarter of 2014 with a sales value of EUR 723 million – an increase of nearly 14 percent, compared to the same period of 2013. On the same time, the GfK studies monitoring household consumption show a 2 percent increase in the value of the shopping basket for FMCG products last year compared to 2013.

The climate is favorable for consumption. Extra income per household is more likely to be spent than to be intended for savings. Even with a higher spending budget, consumers will continue to focus on prioritizing the procurement strategy to exploit the available finances.


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