Lugoj-Deva highway concluded, yet opening is blocked. Transports minister accuses the Spanish builder of blackmail

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The fourth section of the Lugoj-Deva highway, stretching on a 22-km distance, cannot be opened to traffic because the final acceptance of the construction works has not been yet concluded.

The highway linking Soimus and Ilia localities in Hunedoara county (the so-called fourth section of Lugoj-Deva highway) could not been opened for road traffic because the road belts on the third section of motorway had not met the necessary technical criteria, as the National Road Company reported.

Transport minister Razvan Cuc stated on Tuesday that the highway section could have been opened fro traffic and the encountered problems could have been solved also after the traffic opening, but accused the Spanish construct of “blackmail”.

The section could have been opened, but the stubbornness of the constructor of not extending the warranty period practically represents a blackmail. The constructor says :<I won’t open traffic unless you accept my warranty terms>, meaning 4-year warrant. No, they will have to accept the Romanian state’s conditions, (…) otherwise we terminate the contract, and we’ll continue works and open the traffic,” said the minister.

“I won’t give in to blackmail. Either you do quality work, or you go home with a negative company details certificate, with penalties, as they should have been applied a long time ago”, Cuc added.

The minister argued that the Spanish company that built the highway had been penalised in the past, with a penalty bill mounting to RON 73 million. Cuc said that he will investigate why the penalties had not been enforced in 2018 by the former management, while announcing more fines.

The Transports minister has also given a deadline to remedy these problems, ten days, otherwise the contract will be terminated. “We cannot mock the Romanians’ money”.

The Lugoj-Deva highway’s bed collapsed on a length of 70 metres two years ago.

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