Luxury Apparel Manufacturer Canada Goose Acquires Romanian Knitwear Factory


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The Canadian company Canada Goose, renowned for its jackets, has acquired the Romanian knitwear factory Paola Confecții, marking its first proprietary production facility in Europe, according to Paola Confecții has been a supplier for Canada Goose since 2017, manufacturing some of their best-selling items like the HyBridge Knit Jacket, priced at over 600 euros depending on the model. visited the Paola Confecții factory years ago. The knitwear factory’s story begins post-Revolution when an Italian entrepreneur, with extensive experience in the knitwear industry at companies like Benetton and Stefanel, comes to Romania.

Shares of the Canadian company Canada Goose rose by 2.8% ahead of Tuesday’s trading session following the announcement of the acquisition of the Paola Confecții factory.

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