Managers expect a moderate increase in the number of employees in services

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The managers in Romania estimate stability in industry and services, a moderate increase in the number of employees in services, and an increase in construction and retail prices by March, according to ‘Trends in Economic Activity Evolution’ for January-March 2018 , released on Monday by the National Statistics Institute (INS).

In the January 2018 context survey, the managers in manufacturing expect for the next three months relative stability in output (conjectural balance +4%). For the tobacco products manufacturing a downward trend is estimated (conjectural balance -33%).

For industrial goods, moderate price growth is projected for the next three months (conjectural balance +14%). Regarding the number of employees, relative stability is estimated, the short term balance being 0% per total manufacturing industry, the INS communiqué reads.

In constructions lower production is estimated (conjectural balance -18%) and moderate fall in number of employees (conjectural balance -14%), whereas the construction prices are expected to grow (conjectural balance +19%).

In retail, the managers estimate a moderate slowdown of economic activity (-7%), whereas the number of employees will be relatively stable (+3%). Retail prices are expected to grow by 22%.

According to estimates, the demand for services (as business turnover) will be relatively stable (conjectural balance 0%).

In services, a moderate growth of the number of employees is expected (6%).


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