Managers forecast price hike for the autumn


Managers operating in the industry, constructions, retail and services sectors forecast price hikes for this autumn, amid ongoing activities. They also say they will preserve and even increase the number of employees, according to the findings of a survey released by the National Institute of Statistics on Tuesday.

The study conducted in August shows that managers in the processing industry forecast a relative stability of the production volume for the upcoming three months. An upward trend of the production volume in the tobacco industry is expected, as well as for the manufacturing of beverages and for the manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations.

In terms of employee’s number, a relative stability is expected. For the prices of the industrial products, a moderate growth is forecast for the next three months.

The survey reveals a moderate growth in the production volume of the construction activity for the next three months and a relative stability of the workforce.

In the retail trade sector, managers estimate a growth  trend in the economic activity  for the next three months. The volume of orders placed by the trade units to the suppliers of goods will grow. Employers forecast a moderate growth  in the number of employees and in terms of the retail prices.

According to the forecast, the demand for services (turnover) will register a relative stability for the next three months. For the services sector relative stability is estimated in the number of employees and in terms of selling or invoice prices of provisions.


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