Managers forecast stability in industry, moderate growth of the employees number in retail for the beginning of 2018

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According to National Institute of Statistics (INS)’s  business tendency survey of December 2017, managers from the manufacturing industry  forecast a relative stability of the production volume (balance +1 percent) for the next three months.

A growth tendency (balance +16 percent) is estimated for the manufacturing of other transport equipment.  For the prices of the industrial products, a moderate growth is forecasted for the next three months  (balance +14 percent).  Regarding the number of employees, a relative stability is estimated, the balance being ‐2 percent per total  manufacturing.

The same estimations show that there will be a decrease in the production volume of the  construction activity for the next three months (balance ‐37 percent). Managers also forecast a decrease in the  number of employees (balance ‐25 percent).  As to the prices of construction works, a moderate growth is forecasted (balance +14 percent).

In the retail trade sector, the managers estimate a relative stability in the economic activity for the next three  months (balance +3 percent). The volume of orders placed by the trade units to the suppliers of goods will  register a moderate decrease (balance ‐6 percent). Employers forecast a moderate growth in the number of employees (balance +10 percent) for the next three  months. For the next period, managers of trade companies estimate a growth of the retail prices (balance +23 percent).

As regards the demand for services (turnover), it will register a relative  stability for the next three months (balance +4 percent), INS survey notes. For the services sector it is forecasted a moderate growth in the number of employees (balance +7 percent). According to the managers, the selling or invoice prices of provisions will register a trend of moderate growth (balance +8 percent).

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