marketplace romania, AHK’s tool to promote a local business on the German market

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Lately, more and more German companies are looking for Romanian suppliers of products and services. Thus, the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (AHK Romania) has developed marketplace romania, an online portal dedicated to Romanian suppliers in the various fields of industry, a press release informs.

Suppliers Portal offers companies in Romania, wishing to expand their business in Germany, to find distribution partners, end customers, or establish new business relationships on the German market.

The portal is the only tool of its kind in Romania, considering both the presentation format as well as the promotion type on the German market. The promotion consists of direct information sent to German companies that have expressed their interest in finding partners on the Romanian market through AHK Romania multipliers – from local chambers of commerce in Germany to specialized associations – and through all the events to which AHK Romania will be represented.

Visibility and promotion on the German market, large subsidiaries network and high penetration capacity on the German market, direct contact with German business partners, new business opportunities are the key benefits that AHK Romania is providing.

All AHK Romania members will benefit from the business package.

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