Marking 25 years in Romania, ING Bank reports two-digit lending market share as a first

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ING Bank Romania has recorded a solid growth in 2018, luring more clients and business volumes. Last year, INK Bank invested RON 9 million in training its employees in such sectors as technology, data analysis or robotics, with 30 pc of the employees in the IT sector.

In a press conference today also celebrating 25 years since ING Bank has been in Romania, the bank officials announced that a record lending portfolio has been registered on the wholesale banking in the last years, with the largest local bond issue on BSE # 1 MLA on the market  (5 syndicated deals out of 7) : 20% increase last year versus 2017.

An increase of 10.1% has been reported on the lending market share, a 12% rise on the market share on salary clients, and a 9 pc increase in the total deposit market share.

An increase of 34% has been also registered in profit before tax, with a total of RON 781 million.

On mid-corporate there were 14,380 Clients SMEs & Mid-Corporate, and 1 out of 4 clients in Romania works with ING.

The bank also reported a healthy increase in customer numbers while keeping strong customer satisfaction ratings. There is a client base of 1,565, 600, meaning a 11 pc increase in 2018 as against 2017.

More than half of active customers are using digital channels. A rise of 23% was registered in the digital clients segment-722,000.

21% more volumes were brought in by clients who found ING lending offers better suited for their needs.

We have registered the largest increase so far in Romania. During the past 25 years, by constant organic growth, we managed to cover a lending market share of two digits, namely 10.1%. We increased the number of active customers on the retail segment by 13% and we improved our digital presence by reaching a new record of 112 million logins in the Home’Bank,” said Michal Szczurek, CEO ING Bank Romania (photo).

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