Mastercard: Card payments made by the Romanians abroad, up by 30 pc last year


The total amount of payments made abroad via Mastercard and Maestro cards issued in Romania increased by 30 percent in June 2016, compared to the similar period in 2015, a press release informs on Thursday. Moreover, out of the volumes spent at POSs across the border, two thirds were made using Mastercard and Maestro cards.

“In 2015, Mastercard has conducted a research that underlined the considerable savings that Romanians can make, up to 30 percent, by using for payments their cards over other methods. Today, we are witnessing the Romanian consumer becoming increasingly receptive toward the benefits of paying by card, a gesture that becomes usual even when travelling abroad. This underlines once again a tendency that has become more and more evident in recent years, and one that we’ve constantly supported, by raising awareness in terms of the benefits of electronic payments,” Cosmin Vladimirescu, General Manager, Mastercard Romania said.

Mastercard and Maestro cardholders enjoy peace of mind when shopping abroad, relying on fast, simple and secure payment experiences across more than 210 countries and territories. And with more than 40 Priceless Cities to visit around the world, Mastercard cardholders can enjoy unforgettable experiences at some of the world’s global destinations.

In 2015, Mastercard has conducted a study that identified card payments as the least expensive payment method for CEE consumers when traveling abroad, for 65 percent of the accounted situations.

Romanian Mastercard and Maestro cardholders seem to become more aware of these benefits, as they are starting to increase their card usage for payments when abroad, with the average transaction value at foreign POS terminals decreasing by nearly 10 percent, to RON 238, in Q2 2016 compared to Q2 2015. The tendency to pay by card for the usual, lower-value purchases is gradually becoming part of the Romanian consumers’ behavior even when traveling across the border.

An important factor for the increased uptake of Mastercard and Maestro card payments stands in their widespread acceptance network, allowing consumers to benefit from fast, simple and secure payment experiences by paying contactless, even when traveling abroad.

“Acceptance has also been a major point of focus for us locally, and at this time Mastercard is the most accepted card in Romania, with a nationwide acceptance footprint encompassing more than 144.500 terminals, according to the Central Bank’s figures for Q1, as well as an unmatched public transportation acceptance network,” Cosmin Vladimirescu added.


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