Medicover opens the second clinic in Cluj-Napoca

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Medicover, one of the top private healthcare players in Romania, opens the second multidisciplinary clinic in Cluj-Napoca, following an investment of EUR 300,000, a press release informs. The clinic is located in Liberty Technology Park Cluj.

The new clinic provides Cluj residents with ten medical specialties at the highest Swedish standards, including Occupational Health, Cardiology, ENT, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dermatology, Physical and Rehab Medicine, with a special center for physical therapy and physiotherapy.

“Cluj-Napoca is more than just a city I enjoy returning to every time, it is one of the engines of the Romanian economy and an important business center for us. Opening the eighteenth Medicover clinic in Romania here represents a natural step, as it responds to the growing needs of Cluj residents and local companies for medical services of the highest quality,” Adrian Peake, General Director of Medicover Romania said.

The first clinic – Medicover Republicii – has been operational ever since 2006, offering access to 20 medical specialties, including dental and dermato-cosmetology services, being at the same time an accredited center for international vaccinations, providing immunization through specific vaccines, prophylactic medication and medical advice for travel.

Currently, the team of professionals in the two Medicover Cluj-Napoca clinics brings together over 40 doctors and will continue to expand.

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