Medicover Romania purchases Polaris Medical hospital in Cluj-Napoca


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Medicover, a provider of private medical services operating in Romania, announced the signing of the acquisition of Polaris Medical Hospital in Cluj-Napoca, the largest private medical recovery hospital in the country. Medicover will make an investment of over 8 million euros in the coming years in the hospital for the development of medical and surgical services.

“Investing in health means investing in people. Commitment to caring for our patients and the quality of our medical care will continue to guide our development plans. We will invest over 8 million euros to reconfigure Polaris into a multidisciplinary hospital for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute conditions. We are glad to have with us in this project the founder of Pelican Medicover Hospital in Oradea and to continue our excellent collaboration and to expand our expertise in the service of patients “, said Dr. Florinela Cîrstina, General Manager of Medicover Romania.

We are honored that an international group of Medicover caliber has chosen Polaris to expand its operations in Romania. From the very beginning, we wanted to offer patients in Cluj a medical unit in which they have the highest standards of medical care. Medicover has an impressive history of over 26 years in Romania, but also in the region, and brings solid expertise to the local healthcare market and will further develop Polaris’ ability to serve patients in the northwest of the country,” said in his turn Tudor Socea, founder of Polaris Medical Hospital.

Following the transaction, Medicover will hold the majority stake in Polaris Medical. Dr. Ovidiu Gogu Cacuci, the founder of Pelican Hospital Oradea, taken over by Medicover in 2018, will be a partner in the project. Polaris is one of the largest private hospitals in the country with a capacity of 180 beds for continuous hospitalization, as well as 14 beds for day hospitalization and over 20 outpatient medical specialties.

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