MedLife enters shareholding of Personal Genetics


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MedLife announces the entry into the shareholding of Personal Genetics, a human medical genetics center with national coverage, established in 2011. Thus, MedLife Group becomes the operator with the greatest expertise in the field of genetic sequencing and molecular biology and one of the largest networks of laboratories and collection centers nationwide.

Personal Genetics offers advanced genetic diagnostic services for a wide range of conditions, in oncology, onco-hematology, gynecology and rare diseases, being actively engaged in the development and application of new methods to improve the quality of patient lifes’. Through its extensive network of 18 centers throughout the country and multiple international certifications, Personal Genetics strengthens MedLife’s status as a leader in the field of medical genetics in Romania.

By entering the shareholding of Personal Genetics, on the one hand, we respond to the market’s needs for innovation and high-quality medical services. Complementing our expertise in oncogenetics confirms our ability to anticipate and meet the ever-changing demands of patients and the medical industry, bringing the medicine of the future into the present. We aim to harness the potential of this partnership to create lasting and sustainable results, while simultaneously offering our patients the most advanced and personalized medical solutions available internationally.

On the other hand, with this new acquisition we confirm our status as a genuine and reliable player in the field of mergers and acquisitions in the private medical market. Our organizational culture and sound financial discipline are key to our success in the integration process, which demonstrates our ability to consolidate and expand our operations efficiently and sustainably. There is probably an effervescent period ahead on M&As in the private medical field in Romania, and we are prepared for it”, declared Mihai Marcu, CEO and President of MedLife Group.

With a strong focus on personalized and preventive medicine, Personal Genetics has been providing medical support for more than a decade to lead patients and physicians into a new era in medicine, where genetic information is effectively used to improve diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of genetic conditions. We are happy to find in MedLife a strategic partner with whom we will enter a new stage of our evolution and development. Through this partnership, we have the opportunity to accelerate innovation and expand our impact in the medical field, MedLife being the private medical leader with the widest patient base and the greatest know-how in integrated medicine, having a solid team of good doctors and advanced technology. We look with confidence to the future of our collaboration and are determined to continue to bring value to patients and to the entire medical industry”, declared Ariadna Löwendal-Dănilă, CEO Personal Genetics.

Since 2011, MedLife has realized dozens of national and international acquisitions, successfully integrating no less than 73 companies.

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