Mercedes-Benz Romania launches a new Logistic Center in Dragomiresti-Vale


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Mercedes-Benz Romania announces the inauguration of a new Logistics Center in Dragomirești-Vale. The new center started its operations in October 2020 and was designed to serve all authorized service centers in Romania, covering the needs of all Mercedes-Benz business units (Passenger Cars, Vans, Trucks&Buses) and smart. Located near Bucharest, the warehouse covers a total surface of more than 7,000 square meters and holds a stock of over 23,000 spare parts.

“The new Logistics Center in Bucharest is a long-term warehousing solution for the Romanian After-Sales business. The long-planned streamlining of the Logistics Network Project will see benefits in terms of costs, lead-time, and service level. A holistic business perspective was achieved here, following a customer-centric approach.” said Amanda Zhang, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Romania.

The warehouse is equipped with the most advanced technologies, systems and all communication with the service centers in the country is 100% digitized. A network of 46 partners has access to a digital system connected to the warehousing systems and receive instant notifications regarding availability and delivery times for their orders. Moreover, the center uses a fully digital inventory management system, bringing daily operations to the highest standards of efficiency.

“Our former warehouse in Oradea was not capable anymore to meet our future requirements of the dynamic and performance for the Romanian After-Sales market. The land plot at the outskirts of Bucharest proved to be the perfect location, offering us the possibility to improve our processes and further increase the service level to our partners and customers.”, said Ionut Icsaru, Head of Mercedes-Benz Romania Logistics Center.

The development of this facility was initiatied in 2017, with the integration of the Logistics team in Romania to the Global Service and Parts operations, as a first step in jointly working towards common objectives for global and local success. The aim was to integrate the After-Sales parts business of Romania under the governance of Mercedes-Benz Global Parts Logistics Operations.

The center handles the parts needed for the usual processes of repair and maintenance, as well as more complex repairs, such as bodywork, but also assemblies for propulsion – engine, transmission, gearbox. Depending on the priority of the order, the products and services reach their destination at the authorized services in a time interval approximately between 24 and 96 hours.

Moreover, sustainability represented an important component in the development strategy of this center. The facility follows a well-defined processes for waste collection and recycling and uses LEDs and green energy to minimize environmental impact.

“The opening of this center happened in a year that we all know very well challenged us in new ways due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from making sure to make this logistics center fully operational at the highest standards, our number 1 priority was the health and safety of our employees. The Romanian team handled this with great success and agility, ensuring a smooth process for the local partners and Mercedes-Benz customers, while making sure that all employees work in a safe environment.” added Klaus Ziemsky Director of Global Parts Logistics Operations and Site Manager of the Global Logistics Center Germersheim at Mercedes-Benz AG.

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