Metrorex comes with new subway access cards


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Metrorex, the public company running Bucharest subway, will introduce new access cards. It’s about one -way subway card, card for groups, as well as an annual subscription, shows a draft order of the Minister of Transport, elaborated by the ministry.

The project, launched Tuesday in the debate, keeps the current card rates: RON 5 for the two-way card, RON 20 for the card with 10 trips, RON 70 for the monthly subscription with unlimited number of trips, RON 25 for the weekly subscription with unlimited number of trips and RON 8 for a one-day subscription.

The document introduces five new types of subway travel cards: one-way travel card at a price of RON 2.5, the annual subscription (RON 720), the card for a group of three people (RON 5), the card for a group of four people (RON 6.5) and the card for a group of five people (RON 8).

The draft will be under debate until August 19 and, after its approval, will be published in the Official Gazette and will come into force within five days of the date of publication.

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