Mindspace welcomes new members for their two coworking spaces in Bucharest

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Mindspace, boutique coworking provider, announced new members of its office spaces in Bucharest. Accenture, Hootsuite, Founder Institute, KPMG and InnovX – BCR Business Accelerator chose the high-end and all-inclusive coworking spaces of Mindspace Business District and Mindspace Victoriei for their teams. Altogether, over 400 employees from 5 companies will join the global Mindspace community of over 14,000.

“Through InnovX – BCR Business Accelerator, we aim to transfer to the Romanian entrepreneurs the courage and expertise they need to achieve their most ambitious goals. It is a process that involves sharing ideas, connecting with other professionals, using their stories as a source of inspiration and learning from their experience. At Mindspace, we found a space that enables the teams in our program to enjoy all these benefits, and even more”, added Dani Dumitrescu, Unicorns Scout at InnovX.

“We are delighted to join forces with Mindspace, engage in the powerful business community they brought together in their spaces in Romania and complement the benefits they already offer with new services, helping businesses grow and differentiate in a dynamic market. Coworking spaces create a unique innovation environment for start-ups, entrepreneurs and high-growth businesses. We are looking forward to being on ground alongside some of the fastest-growing, most innovative and disruptive ideas in the business environment, providing mentorship and helping with tax, legal and financial advice to guide these ideas to the future economy”, says René Schöb, Partner, Head of Tax & Legal at KPMG in Romania.

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The new members will also be able to enjoy Mindspace’s members’ benefits, including two new partnerships for the Romanian members. Mindspace members at the Romanian offices will be able to access BCR bank products at preferential rates and will benefit from free KPMG consulting services.

“We’re excited to bring the coworking revolution to Romania and have been blown away by the responses so far,” says Mike Hapoianu, General Manager for Mindspace in Romania. “We believe that great employee experience leads to better business results, and a big part of it is the type of partnerships and benefits we can bring to our members. We’re happy that these companies not only chose to join the Mindspace community but also want to provide value from day one. We’re looking forward to seeing how the community will use these offers.

Other benefits of Mindspace members include access to meeting rooms, one-to-one discussion booths, weekly lunches or networking dinners and special events created for the Mindspace community. In addition, Mindspace members can work from anywhere in the world at no additional cost, just as 20 members of the InnovX – BCR Business Accelerator recently did. During the two days they spent at a Mindspace location in London, they were able to organize various meetings with potential investors and other actors from the industry. Moreover, they held a panel talk in the event space. All of this was possible due to the Mindspace global network of locations.

Mindspace opened its first location in Romania in December 2018, in the Tower 1 office building of Globalworth Campus. In April 2019, it was followed by the second space, Mindspace Victoriei, located in Bucharest Tower Center. Romanian Mindspace members are a part of a global community of over 14,000 members and approximately 300 companies, spanning over 7 countries and 13 cities. Some of the companies that have chosen Mindspace for their office needs are Barclays, Samsung, Taboola, Yahoo, Expedia and Microsoft. Moreover, as an indicator of customers’ satisfaction, 94% of Mindspace members globally would recommend it to a friend.

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