Minister of Agriculture, farmers seek for solutions to save Zaharul factory

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Agriculture Minister Petre Daea said that he is in contact with the manager of the Zaharul plant in Oradea, close to being locked. Moreover, minister Daea is looking for solutions, along with farmers, to save it.

”I’m directly concerned about the situation. (…) It’s a factory located in an area where the sugar beet is grown, where the producers have conditions, they are also trained, and are equipped to grow sugar beet,” Daea stated.

According to him, out of 33 sugar factories that Romania had before 1989, there are now only four.

He said he discussed “very much” on Thursday and Friday with the factory manager and will continue to discuss “in a legitimate interest for this sector.”

Germany-based Pfeifer & Langen that owns Zaharul, one of the most famous sugar factories in Romania, at Oradea, announced recently that will shut down the unit. Also, the investors are leaving with the brand product, manufacturing “Diamant” sugar in Poland and Ukraine.

200 employees will be laid off and the families of 93 farmers in Bihor, Arad, Satu Mare and Timis who had a contract with the company will have to refocus after spending tens of thousands of euros on the beet crop.

Beet growers wanted to associate and buy the factory, but the negotiations failed.

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