Minister of communications asks for the Romanian Post management’s resignation. Interim GM won’t quit

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The minister of Communications Lucian Sova is asking for the resignation of the Romanian Post managers, of the managing board and of the interim general manager, Andrei Stanescu, due to the deficient management in the past year.

The minister has summoned an urgent meeting at the “Posta Romana” National Company on Monday morning, and asked for the resignation of the managing board’s members and of the interim general manager.

At the same time, minister Sova decided to sent the minister’s control body to the Post to check if they have carried out the actions ordered by the Competition Council after the sanctions that led to Post’s accumulating debts to the state budget two years ago.

The Ministry of Communications says it takes all legal actions to prevent the Romanian Post from going into payment default and to be able to enforce a strategic recovery plan, drafted in the past two months.

The ministry considers that the current situation of the company is not only due to “the hard inheritance”, but also because the executive management hasn’t taken any legal action to relaunch the Post’s activity.

The ministry warned that the entire management of the Romanian Post has the legal obligation to take all actions so that the company should not go into payment default or to face insolvency.

To be passive and wait for the majority stakeholder to increase the social capital, asking first for the rise of the allowance of the managing board members, is not the duty of Managing Board’s president,” says the ministry.

On the other hand, the money intended for the company’s capitalization is not affected by the budget rectification, which is negative in the case of the Communications ministry.

The Romanian Post had a gross profit of EUR 3.8 M in 2016, after facing huge loss in 2015 following a EUR 7.4 M fine applied by the Competition Council.

In retort, the interim general manager of the Romanian Post told Mediafax that he doesn’t know why the Communications minister is asking for his resignation ten days before his mandate expires, adding he won’t quit and that he will file his candidature for the general manager position.

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