Minister of Economy proposes Spa tourism revival project

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Băile Herculane or Borsec could be the first Spa resort to revive the balneary tourism in a pilot project launched by Minister of Economy, informs.

Lack of investment in Spa resorts, absence of an integrated strategy of this sector, lack of specific skilled human resources, impossibility to settle medical services provided by the Spa treatment units by foreign tourists and poor infrastructure, as well as lack of proper promotion on foreign markets are among the problems identified in this field.

In this context, Minister of Economy proposes a management organisation.

“We need to use the context provided by 211 Directive on patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare. One of the problems we face is that foreign patients did not qualify for reimbursement of spas expenses in their countries,” Economy Minister Costin Borc explained.

He said he also proposed to stimulate owners to modernise the accommodation capacities and treatment centers, considering the failure of local authorities to invest in spa infrastructure rehabilitation, of a quota of 50 percent of the fee mining and concession fees that ANMR – National Agency for Mineral Resources – pays today.

The Minister of Economy suggests granting facilities to owners of historical buildings in these resorts, but also developing a training programme for human resources involved in this balneal area.

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