MOL Group launches the Fresh Corner concept in Romania

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MOL Romania opened its first Fresh Corner pilot, in the newly inaugurated MOL Ploiesti (Blejoi) service station. Within the scope of the new retail concept, the company will pilot 5 service stations in 2015.

The Fresh Corner is one of the main features of MOL Group’s new shop concept, with special attention to coffee, fresh food and convenience goods.

“In line with the new market trends and the new Retail Strategy, MOL Group has opened its first Fresh Corner site in Romania. Having a region-wide portfolio, MOL Group finds new ways to better utilise its network and defines a relevant offer for its customers, including coffee, fresh food and an extended grocery assortment within a new service station environment”, said Lars Höglund, MOL Group Retail Senior Vice President, according to a press release sent to our editorial office.

MOL Romania will include 4 more pilot stations in Bucharest and Sibiu this year. Following customer satisfaction insights and positive feed-back, the company plans to renew a part of its retail network in 2016.

“Fresh Corner is a regional concept, whose implementation was based on extensive research conducted in different countries. In order to choose the best coffee blends and bakery assortments for Romanian consumers, we conducted several focus groups. We shall closely monitor how the new offer will be integrated into the every-day convenience acquisitions of Romanian motorists”, added Camelia Ene, Head of Retail MOL Romania.magazin mol

One of the key aspects of the Fresh Corner is coffee: an innovative touch-screen based self-service coffee machine allows customers choosing between 26 types of coffee made of beans, with different flavours, while a barista can prepare 23 types of coffee to go and 16 types available to enjoy in the station.

Sandwiches are prepared on the spot and the bakery products – bread and pastry – are freshly made.

There is a new addition to the shop assortment as compared to any fuel retailer on the market: groceries, having competitive prices, adjusted to the everyday shopping needs of the Romanian consumers. This offer includes flower, sugar, rice, beans, canned food – meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, take-out food.

The cool products section features dairy products like milk, yoghurt, kefir, eggs, and milk-based deserts.

Fresh Corner has been built following investments in state-of the art equipment such as the self-service touch-screen coffee machine, the tea-machine or the 3 ovens (for bakery, pastry and speed cooking).

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