Monthly average income per household, RON 2,687 in 2015

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The total monthly average income was, in nominal terms, RON 2,687 per household and RON 1,011 per person in 2015, an increase of 7.4 percent and of 7.8 percent, respectively, compared to 2014, National Institute of Statistics (INS) data inform.

At the same time, the total expenditure of the population was roughly RON 2,352 per month, per household (RON 885 per person) and was 87.5 percent of the total income, a decrease of 3.2 percentage points compared to 2014.

The money income was RON 2,362 monthly on average per household (RON 889 per person) and the in-kind income was RON 325 monthly per household (RON 122 per person). The wages and the other related income constituted the most important source of income (55.7 percent of the total household income).

The social provisions income (23.9 percent), the agriculture income (2.9 percent), the non-agricultural independent activities income (2.4 percent) and the property and household asset sale income also contributed to the formation of the total household income (1.3 percent).

The main uses of the expenditure done by the households are the consumption of food and non-food goods, of services and the income taxes, contributions and subscriptions paid to private and public administration and to the social insurance budgets, as well as the cover of some needs related to the household production (poultry and animal feed, work payment for the household production, seeds, veterinary services, etc.).

The expenditure with investments, intended for purchasing or raising dwellings, purchasing land and equipment required by the household production and purchasing shares, etc. represent a very small weight in the total household expenditure (only 0.7 percent).



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